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Electronic Toys For Toddlers

electronic toys for toddlers

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Day 128 The Children's Museum...Again

Day 128 The Children's Museum...Again

Recently I received an electronic newsletter from the Children's Museum about the classes they offer. A friend of ours from yoga had recommended a yoga class they have periodically, and prior to that, I didn't even know they had classes. So I signed Carter up for a Baby Brain class. Turns out it was the company that makes the "Brain Boxes" that my mom uses in her "Parents as Teachers" program, so I've seen them before. The boxes have a variety of toys, books, and games intended for parents to use to improve the brain development for their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Now these toys, books, and games are nothing special. Many of them we have in our own collection, but the brain boxes have instruction sheets to give parents suggestions on how to use each item, making the most of it and concentrating especially on interacting with your child. For me, a class like this is a nice refresher, but I pretty much already know the concepts. I laughed to myself when the facilitator said, "Talk to your child as much as you can. When you're in the kitchen, talk about how your coffee cup is pink, things like that." I laughed because while I did that with Maggie because it was usually just her and me, whenever Carter and I are alone, I enjoy the silence! Of course as soon as I realize that, I'll start talking to him. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the fact that Carter hasn't said his first word yet is not because he can't get a word in edgewise with his sister around, but because his mother appreciates the quiet time too much when she's not!

electronic toys for toddlers

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